Kicking off a four day food drink fun festival is no small feat. We like to do a little something like freely feed over 300 people, give them great music to enjoy, give away tons of free swag and gift certificates in exchange for a few bucks in raffle tickets….hey that’s just how we roll here at the Outer Banks Restaurant Association. Check it out for yourself!

Thanks to the Outer Banks Voice for sending their “Vision” videographer out to the event. Doug Kenyon nails it in this video. He’s captured every bit of what we love about OBX Taste of the Beach! (And a big thanks to Shure foods and also the Outer Banks Brewing Station!!!)

There’s nothing more to say than watch the video! Here’s the front page link to OB Voice home page where the video is living for now. CLICK HERE


In time it will be come old news so here’s the permanent Vimeo link, in case you want to reminisce sometime later.