Each year the Outer Banks Restaurant Association looks forward to welcoming visitors and locals to the annual OBX Taste of The Beach to connect, share, and enjoy wine and food experiences. 2022 will look a little different, but there are still some great events to come and enjoy.

Given the concerns around COVID-19 and the state of the restaurant industry, we have taken precautions at all the events to ensure that everyone is safe and has a great time. This event is an important one for the Outer Banks and our favorite way to bring people together to share stories and connect. The safety and security of our guests, staff, vendors, and community are of the utmost importance and will take precedence above all else.

The Outer Banks Restaurant Association is committed to our local culinary and hospitality community, and we created OBX Taste of The Beach to uplift each business. Our mission is to produce experiences that celebrate, educate, and promote the Outer Banks’ diverse culinary and hospitality community.

While we can’t predict what will happen in the next day, month, or year, our team is working hard to deliver a 2022 OBX Taste of The Beach filled with experiences that will ignite a fire in your belly and a hunger in your heart. The Outer Banks never tasted so good!


(NOTE: Ordering using an iPad device doesn’t seem to be working well. The fill-in boxes for card numbers and expiration are askew and not visible. Please use a different device to order from. We apologize, but at this time there is no fix.)

To view the full schedule of events in chronological order starting on Friday and running all the way through Sunday, click on Schedule of Events HERE.

The browse events and find something based on your tastes and interests, browse the Event Categories. (Look for the red flag graphic that says “Event Categories” in the righthand column on a desktop computer, or scroll down the page if on a smartphone or tablet)

To view all events in chronological order on a particular day, use the Event Day selector. (a dropdown list in the righthand column on a desktop computer, or scroll down if on a smartphone or tablet)

To find a particular event at a restaurant you know the name of, use the Event Venue selector. (a dropdown list in the righthand column on a desktop computer, or scroll down if on a smartphone or tablet)

To find an event in a certain town, use the Event Location selector. (a dropdown list in the righthand column on a desktop computer, or scroll down if on a smartphone or tablet)


Many of our events involve the service of alcohol and therefore are 21+ only (although some do not, or offer it as an option, so make your choices according to your personal preferences.) We respectfully remind you not to drink and drive. Designate a sober driver or simply call one of the many cab companies while here. A $20 cab fare will usually get you where you need to go.

Many of our events are set menus that include shellfish. If you have a shellfish allergy we do not recommend an event with any shellfish on the menu offered. You will not be able to expect a substitution for any items, nor a refund for part of the event offering. Please order your tickets carefully and at your own risk. As always, make your server aware of any allergies or dietary conditions you have upon arrival so they can do their best to keep you safe.

For ticketing or event questions, please call our event coordinator, Quinn Capps at (252) 216-9362 or email to obxtasteofthebeach@gmailcom. Please read our FAQs first to be sure the answer to your question doesn’t already exist.

ATTENTION: If you are trying to order tickets to an event that is less than 24 hours away (start time) and don’t see tickets or the event listed, it is because the ticket sales for that event have closed. To try and book tickets for an available event within your time frame refer to the event category “at the door tickets” to see what your options are within your time frame. You may also be able to call the restaurant directly to inquire if they will take you at the door, and be prepared to pay them directly. This may not be possible for all events so you should politely inquire before showing up.