THANK YOU for your ticket order to the annual Outer Banks Taste of the Beach and one of our over 50 events!

If you are reading this page then you are confirmed. Your name (the name of the purchaser) will be on the list of your chosen event(s) at the door and you will be admitted by simply providing your purchaser name and valid photo ID.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT OUT TICKETS … if you are seeing this screen, and if you receive a confirmation email, you are assured that your name will be on the list at the door. If you want to print out your confirmation email with the details of the events you purchased, you certainly can for your peace of mind. Having printed documents like confirmations will not get you faster or more expedited admission to any event though.  But we understand the peace of mind that comes from having a printed piece of paper confirming your purchase.  Again, it is not necessary or required by us. As long as your name is on the list, you will be admitted entry.

If for whatever reason your name is NOT on the list at the door for an event you may have purchased please do the following things:

  1. Open your email where you were sent a confirmation of purchase. Find the specific email. Bring it up in front of you so you can read the information.
  2. Double check the date, time and location of the event you believed you purchased. Make sure it all matches up with the event you are trying to gain entry to. Also be sure you are giving the right name. Only the name of the person who ordered the tickets is THE name that will be on the list.
  3. If you find an error or discrepancy: Some of our events occur more than one time/date during the 4 days so it could be the case that you accidentally purchased for a different session than you intended. No worries, usually this can be accommodated. Speak to the restaurant manager and let them know that you did purchase the event but accidentally for another session. Since you have in fact paid, they will usually accommodate you. If events are strictly limited on space though, you may be asked to come back to attend the session you purchased. If this is the case you should remain friendly and respectful as this is a simple case of you making a mistake….it happens….just come back when you are supposed to be there.
  4. If all the event information is accurate and consistent, and you are where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, but your name is NOT on the list at the door, call our event coordinator, Quinn Capps at 252-216-9362 (while you are standing at your event) and provide her with the Purchasers name (the person who’s credit card was used) and event time/location information and she will confirm or clarify for you what might have gone wrong. If she cannot answer, send her a text (mobile to mobile). If she still cannot respond, please give her 5 minutes to return your call. (During the 4 days of events, she is pretty hectic, be patient please.)
  5. Mistakes in our online ordering system don’t usually happen, but nothing is infallible of course. Please be patient while we work to figure out the situation. We assure you we will work diligently and with respect to you and remain friendly and courteous through any processes. We ask for the same consideration.


Prior to event weekend, if you have any questions specific to an event that you just can’t find the information in the event description or elsewhere on our website, check the FAQs first and foremost.  If you still cannot locate a satisfactory answer feel free to contact our event coordinator by email (preferred) to and be specific with your question so we can provide you a fast and complete answer.  If you need to talk to her, you can, by calling Quinn Capps at 252-216-9362 or by texting (the fastest way for a quick yes or no question!)

During event weekend, do not email…Quinn will not be at her desk….call her or text her, and please be patient. 🙂