Tom Vick

Tom Vick

Baker, Bonnie's Bagels Cafe

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Tom’s love for bread originated from his grandmother. The family meal just wasn’t complete without grandma’s homemade bread served at the table. Eventually, that love of home-cooked bread became a second occupation for Tom.

With a BS degree from Longwood College, Tom started his first occupation as a mortgage banker, but after 15 years in the banking business, Tom left the business to care for his elderly mother. After her passing, Tom began looking for a less stressful way to earn a living other than the corporate world of banking. That is when he discovered his love for baking.

Tom began his new career as a baker for Beach Bread Company. Tom dubbed this career change as moving from “rolling in dough” to “rolling dough”! When Beach Bread closed its doors, Tom became baker and prep area manager at Jolly Roger Restaurant. In a side arrangement, Tom also started baking his home-made bread for Bonnie at Bonnie’s Bagels. Bonnie quickly realized Tom’s skills in the kitchen and offered Tom a position of General Manager and bread baker of Bonnie’s Bagels, where he continues today to produce the essence of grandma’s delicious home-made bread at Bonnie’s Bagels.