We will not be doing a printed program book for 2017. The cost of printing is just too prohibitive and the Board of OBRA had to make a sensible decision about it.

We do realize that some folks like to have a printed piece to peruse the events at their own pace, so we havel put together a downloadable resources for you to help aid in getting a full picture of all 60 events happening over 4 days of programming.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF spreadsheet of all the events, days and times, restaurant locations, and ticket prices. This pdf file is a really quick way to see everything all at a glance. If you are looking for a particular day just look at the column of that day and see the times of events offered. Then just go back to the site and search or find that event you are interested in (best to use By Venue because event titles are abbreviated in the spreadsheet).  It does not contain any event descriptions.

If you want to read each event description, we ask that you use the Schedule of Events listing online to read each event description. CLICK HERE to go the that directly. This starts on Thursday morning and lists every event (chronologically) through the whole weekend.

Remember, to find an event by Day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) just use the dropdown navigation that says Event Days. You will go to the schedule of events just for that day.  If you know you want to fill in an event at a particular time/day than that is certainly the easiest way to do that.

If you want to find a particular event you may have heard about, use the Event Venues dropdown navigation to quickly go to se all events being hosted at a particular place.

Using the Event Categories is the best way to see events that may interest you. If you are not restricted on the times/days you can attend, just find what you might like, and begin to build your intinerary from there.

Each year we feature Chef Bios and recipes in the program book and we have been adding several to this website. The see all the past recipes (and the new ones as they post) just click on the recipe section in the horizontal navigation at the top of your screen (or dropdown on mobile). CLICK HERE for a convenient fast link to that section.


If you are just not a “website” kind of person and need help, feel free to call our event coordinator, Audrey Webster at 252-207-5092. Audrey is happy to talk you through some of the events, make suggestions, and even help book your tickets. If you don’t catch her, please leave a voicemail message and she will call you back. It’s a hectic time so please understand.