The Outer Banks Restaurant Association is so very pleased to announce that Ginger Snaps Photography is once again the official photographer of Taste of the Beach 2014.  Ginger and her staff have been so very gracious to spend four full days traveling up and down the Outer Banks taking some of the most beautiful shots of events, patrons, Chefs, and food you will ever see.  Each year the OBRA places numerous print and online advertisements featuring Ginger Snaps gorgeous pictures. We can’t say enough how pleased we are with their caliber of work and professionalism.

Ginger Snaps has been the official photographers for The Outer Banks Taste of the Beach for several years (see below for a full history), so many of the photographs you see featured throughout this website, program book, and print ads are hers. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Ginger and her Assistant Photographer, Ben Hitchcock, to Taste of the Beach 2014.  If you are attending an event and see them taking photos, please smile big and show your enthusiasm….it could be you that is the next face of Taste of the Beach!


A history of photography of the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach: When the Outer Banks Restaurant Association developed the Taste of the Beach into a 4 day long event in 2008, they had very little photography from previous years to even use in ads and promotional releases.  In 2009, on the heels of the first successful year of the long format, OBRA was lucky enough to be the benefactor of a donation of time and talent by Outer Banks photographer, Mary Basnight.  Mary’s shots gave us the foundation of building a professional looking portfolio of photos with which to advertise and promote the event to a nationwide audience.  In 2010, the amazing Ginger Harvey agreed to be our official photographer and our long relationship with Ginger Snaps Photography was born.  You will see many of Ginger’s shots still being used today in various publicity and to accompany web editorials. In 2011 as the event continued to grow, we partnered with Virginia/Outer Banks WJ Clark Photography, who also did an outstanding job at capturing stunning (and delicious) shots from many events.  In 2012 Ginger Snaps Photography was able to help us out once again. 2012’s photography still serves as a strong influence in the development of the current portfolio and brand development. In 2013 Ginger graciously returned to us along with the additional services of Neil GT Photography. (In 2013 the taste of the beach had ballooned to 73 different scheduled events so the addition of a second photographer was very much needed.)  Between Neil’s awesome shots and Ginger’s amazing eye, we once again added to our portfolio of “Food Drink Fun” shots that depict the essence and spirit of the event.  This year, 2014, we have just as many events to cover and Ginger and her Assistant Photographer Ben Hitchcock will be covering as many new events as possible.

Editors Note: For any graphic designer, it is imperative that you have great photography to work with in order to create enticing advertisements. OBRA highly recommends any and all of the photographers mentioned above that we have worked with over the years. The level of artistic excellence that we have been able to achieve and use to represent our product is really amazing. It is first and foremost because we have had the great fortune to work with the photographers above.  In particular GingerSnaps has just done an outstanding job year after year for us and we are so very pleased to have her artistic talents again this year.